Plant by Waters Ministries was founded by Reverend Fern A. Chapman, a grassroots missionary evangelist, who has blazed a trail for many since her first pastoral appointment in her own home church after graduating from Eastern Pentecostal Bible College in 1981. Fern herself is part Mi’Kmaq and has an adult native son she named Gabriel whom she adopted from birth. Through her work and family relationships in the North, Fern has been adopted into the Oji-Cree Nation. She has been sharing her faith publicly since the age of 12. She has helped to disciple, and has raised-up several pastors, and mentored a few chiefs among First Nations leadership since 1981. Fern has been appointed as an Associate and Canadian Advisor to God’s Word To Women Inc.

Fern has appeared as a featured guest on 100 Huntley Street and Wawatay Radio and TV. She has been referred to by others as an apostle, evangelist, teacher, worship leader, prophet, psalmist, conference speaker, counselor, and pastor and ministry equipper and “friend” to many. While working for several First Nations organizations in North-Western Ontario to support her ministry, and serving under the pastor of her local church at the same time, she traveled to 30 plus remote First Nations communities.

She has ministered as an evangelist in southern India, Cree Quebec, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Ontario and Nova Scotia since 1981. She has come to know Native culture at every level though her work and relationship experiences. She is often asked by Chiefs to minister directly in their council chambers to their leadership (Video). She has served as keynote speaker to pastors and leaders meetings, retreats and conferences and trained church leaderships regarding reaching First Nations.

Fern is an experienced conference, camp and retreat speaker.